iRoot Download for Android

Just as an Android customer, Android rooting is not a new world to them. Rooting offers plenty of advantages for its users. Mainly, it allows customizing your Android smartphone or tablet device beyond limits. In that case, most of the Android users would like to use the trusted Android rooting app on their handsets. In the app market, you will find the list of Android rooting apps. However, lots of apps can damage your Android device. This means your Android device is totally bricking. So that you have to find the most reliable and trusted Android root app to get root access your Android. No matter, the Android root has become a long way. So iRoot APK is one of the rooting apps which you can use to get Admin right on your Android device. We hope that as a reader of this web page, you need to get root access your Android device using the iRoot APK. So that you have come here for learning all the facts of the best one-click Android rooting app called iRoot APK. Let us start to root your smartphone or tablet in just a single click.

iRoot download

Introduction of the iRoot Download

iRoot APK is one of the most popular Android rooting applications. You can use this app to get root privileges on your Android in just a single click. Because this is a one-click Android rooting application in the App market. Using this app you can modify your Android mobile system the way you want. As an example, when you want to remove the pre-installed useless Android apps on your Android as a normal Android user, there are no powers to do that as you want. Because of all the Android-based with the Linux and other UNIX-like OS with its restrictions. When you are going to remove the pre-installed useless Android app on your Android, it required some Admin permissions on your Android. For that, you just need to get root user permissions on your Android. Not only that you can also take lots of more benefits from this smart app. If you start to think about rooting your device, iRoot APK is the must utility you should not miss to use.

This is the best rooting application that you can install on your mobile directly. Previously, you can download this smart app only for Windows PC. Of course, the Magyun team by XINYI Network introduced only the iRoot PC version to the public. But now you can download this smart app as an APK version. The XINYI Network has developed an APK version with the latest bugs fixed. Today, you can download the latest iRoot APK v3.4.9 as one of the newest advanced versions of its series.

The latest Android iRoot APK Version

As you read, iRoot APK v3.4.9 is the latest one of the most excellent bugs fixed versions of the iRoot APK series. This app is compatible with over the 150000+ many Android devices. Plus, it comes as a freeware application to the public. Especially, iRoot APK is good for those who need to root their Android smartphone or tablet device in a very easy way. The reason is, there is a simple installation method without using a PC. In fact, anyone can easily use it. The interface of iRoot APK is very friendly to use with whatever you want. Now you can directly download this smart app on your Android in just a single click. Then it gives the complete control powers of your Android device to you. No matter, there is an over the 292,000,000+ successful rate. If so, you wanna download this latest bugs fixed version, you can download this app from our Download guide section below.


The Step by step installation method to iRoot APK on Android

All the Android device users can download this handy app on their smartphone and tablet device as a free app. Indeed, you just need to go through the simple installing process to get the wonderful Android performance that manufacturers prohibited.

  1. Download the iRoot APK from the official site link in the post
  2. Make sure to enable the Unknown sources on your Android settings
  3. Install the iRoot App on your device
  4. Wait for a few minutes to complete the process and then you will see the iRoot app icon on your Android phone home screen
  5. Open the app and click on the “Get ROOT access” button to start the rooting process.
  6. Finally, your phone will root instantly

iRoot APK Error Handling

If you are going to the root with iRoot APK, you have to consider these facts to get rid of all the errors.

  • Make sure to enable the Unknown sources on your Android device
  • While this rooting processes, remember not to use your Android
  • You Android should be at least 70% in battery level
  • Supported Android version of iRoot APK is Android 2.2 - 4.4 running devices
  • Remember to always take a full backup of your device data before starting the root process. Otherwise, your Android device data will lose permanently at some conditions
  • If you have failed once with the rooting process, remember to start the process freshly
  • You must have stable internet connectivity while you are processing the iRoot APK Download


Root APK is an ideal Android rooting application that you can download completely free. You hope to download this smart app to get root access your android device, it is absolutely the best one-click Android rooting app for you. With the help of this smart app, you can earn lots of benefits and features like Flash Custom ROM & Kernel, Uninstall Preinstalled Apps, Remove Ads in Apps, Access Blocked Features on your Android, Boost Device Performance, Install Third-party Apps, Customization all Android features and so on. Indeed, these are the popularity behind this smart app in the app market. No problem, there is the highest success rate to get rid of the Android restrictions. Also, this app available for both Android APK and Windows computer versions to get root access. As of that, as an Android rooting fan, you must use this smart iRoot APK as your ideal Android rooting app.

Developer Credits

The developer behind this smart app to the public is Shenzhen and all the developer credits towards the team Mgyun.